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by Julie Dart

The Adventures of Jimmy and his Red Jacket

Jimmy was not looking forward to starting middle school after his best friend moved away. Things suddenly change when his dad takes him shopping for school clothes where Jimmy stumbles upon a “magical jacket.” Your child will love the adventures that Jimmy explores with his jacket. Follow along to see how a negative can be turned into a positive, and how positive thinking can move you in a better direction.

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by Julie Dart

Laila Saves the Day

There once was a little porcupine named Laila. Laila loved helping people. She often dreamt of doing amazing things just like the superheroes she watched on television. Then one day, she did.

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by Julie Dart

Ellie Stands Up to the Bully

Parents, teachers and children love reading about how Ellie learns to stand up herself while facing the issue of being bullied. This story has a great way to show children how to empower themselves. The author was bullied when she was younger and grew passionate about showing children how to overcome this obstacle. We are sure you will fall in love with Ellie as inspires her friends Roger, Jessica and Joey.

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by Julie Dart

The Night The Moon Was Hiding

This is a great book to read to your children as they unwind from a busy day. Children love the bright colors in this book and to make it more enjoyable, the author has a read along that is available for purchase-see website for more details.

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Author's Note

The Adventures Of Jimmy And His Red Jacket

I started writing ideas for The Adventures of Jimmy and His Red Jacket when my son was in middle school. As we searched the library, my son and I couldn’t find a book for middle schoolers. I wanted to create a story that discussed the challenges kids faced in 5th-8th grade. Many of the details in this story were gathered while spending time with my son and his friends.

As far as the location for the book, I chose Denver, Colorado. We have family that lives there and my son has fond memories from his visits. However within my imagination I have pictured all of the places to be in downtown Campbell, California. My kids grew up in the Campbell area and I have loved the schools, shops, and restaurants, along with the sense of community. I have also written many of my stories while sitting at the counter at Stacks and La Pizzeria, both of which are located in Campbell. For your enjoyment, we have placed a map here on the website which includes places that are in the book with their made up names along with with their actual names.

- Julie Dart


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